Where is your “why”?

Purnima Varadrajan:

The “why” people and the “how” people. Of course both are interlinked but which comes first matters. Everybody knows “what” they do 100%. Some know how they do it. But very very few people or organizations know WHY they do it. (Why => How=> What =>The Golden Circle)

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People can be grouped in various ways.  Race,  religion, interests.. etc. etc.  I dont intent to touch any of those.. interestingly there is a grouping which goes unnoticed.  The “why” people and the “how” people.   Of course both are interlinked but which comes first matters.  Everybody knows “what” they do 100%. Some know how they do it. But very very few people or organizations know WHY they do it.  (Why => How=>  What =>The Golden Circle)

The ‘why’ people actually are the masters, they are the questioning intellectuals.  They question reality, the doubt routine, they go against normalcy…   The clan called entrepreneurs belong to this group of people.

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Quit today..quit now

Purnima Varadrajan:

Ya, quitting is good.. except that we need to know what to quit..

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It is time to quit…


Demanding Perfection
Waiting for inspiration
Wanting reassurance

Quit waiting

For someone to change
For more favorable situation
For absence of risk
For someone to discover you
For confidence
For pain to go

Just quit today quit now.

Thanks to and courtesy Jack Canfield.

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Happiness Recipe!!

Purnima Varadrajan:

Today is waiting time….ya it has its drawbacks, but the fact is anticipation is a source of free happiness. delayed consumption, looking forward gives humans a pleasure of owning and experiencing. so set anticipations for yourself which can give happiness and look forward.

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“Happiness is a butterfly”  is one my very own posts, which i like a lot and i think is also, one of the popular posts on my blog.   Today was reading some SCIENTIFICALLY proven tricks to happiness, (thanks reader’s digest for the great article) .    And these So sharing it here..

1. Sing and you are winning: Belting out a tune at the top of your voice leaves you grinning and positive.  (okey..worth trying, but how about the people around you :-) ) Like exercise singing releases endorphins – the natural happy drug. 

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just aim and shoot…

Purnima Varadrajan:

Sad to see people just talking and not taking action :-(

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If you want to shoot a target you need to get ready, aim and shoot.   Only then you may hit or miss the target. Hit or miss actually does not matter.

What matters is the stages ..getting ready..aiming and then shooting…

Why then most part of life is wasted getting ready, getting ready and in getting ready..just aim and shoot so that you know if it’s a hit or a miss..

If you shoot for the stars and hit the moon its ok.  but you have got to shoot for something.  A lot of people dont even shoot – Confucius

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You are not so small as I..

Ralph Waldo Emerson’s poem Fable refers to a quarrel between  a mountain, high and mighty and a little squirrel, nestling in one of the Freda on the mountain.  The fight ends with the squirrel saying,

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When you decide to quit..

Purnima Varadrajan:

I was watching the move “little miss sunshine” how beautiful it is even to fail? wow!!!

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I have read a lot of quotes, stories, poems, etc on a ‘no quitting’ attitude.  but this one below is a real beauty, got it in mail today… read on

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No-nonsense me?

Purnima Varadrajan:

Some one made a mention on similar lines…goes without saying that i am the same ME and it still works :-)

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Though it is registered, I don’t know when, I have been called a no-nonsense person by many. But I think it is of late I have started taking note of it when people say it to me. To top it all I have started claiming I am a no-nonsense person. Yesterday it came up again.

Me and my friend were debating a topic yesterday and at the end of it he said ” this is the best part of you, the no-nonsense, YOU”. The result this post.

My friends used to call me Princess Leia (A character in Star Wars movies who was tough, no-nonsense yet delicate and romantic). I don’t know why, it just occurred that I should check if there is any negativity attached to this ‘no-nonsense’ word. Dictionary meanings say :no-nonsense person is one who : does not tolerate irrelevancies; is direct, is efficient and practical: also…

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