The autobiography of LEE IACOCCA

This is one book which can inspire any individual who can be inspired. Some of my very favorite lines which actually gets drilled into the head, at-least my head, and has remained there.

The prologue is a beauty. It actually goes like this:

You are about to read the story of a man who’s had more than his share of success. But along the way, there were some pretty bad times, too. In fact, when I look back on my thirty eight years in the auto industry, the day I remember most vividly had nothing at all to do with new cars and promotions and profits.

I began my life as the son of immigrants and I worked my way to to the presidency of the Ford Motor company. When I finally got there, I was on top of the world. But then fate said to me, wait we are not finished with you, now you are going to find out what it feels like to get kicked off Mt. Everest.

I was fired, I had been the president of Ford for eight years and a Ford employee for thirty two. I had never worked anywhere else. And now, suddenly I was out of job.

There the autobiography starts:

Some time in life in some situation the feeling of ‘just not right’ is there. Feels like you are in pieces. But you have to pick up the pieces and carry on – “there are times in everyone’s life when something constructive is born out of adversity. There are times when things seem so bad that you’ve got to grab your fate by the shoulders and shake it. In times of great stress and adversity, its always best to keep busy, to plow your anger and your energy into something positive. Just fall from the frying pan to the fire“.

The book read somewhere “what were you so upset about last month? or last year? You actually don’t remember. So may be whatever you’re so worried about today isn’t really all that bad. Forget it and move on to tomorrow“.More later..


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