Inspiration in the air?

Can you smell inspiration in the air? I did. I still do. I always felt every one searches for some trigger from the outside word. You feel a little low, you want some one to cheer you up. As you keep walking up the road in life, you need some one who keeps motivating you, who keeps pushing (or dragging) you along. Why so?

If you look at the alternatives for inspiration in the dictionery you will find many words – motivation, encouragement, stir up…. if we do a little bit of thinking where does this motivation begin? Where does this inspiration begin? When we are kids. We are taught how to eat, walk, talk, run….. all new things in life. We are motivated to learn. Guess what happens after that… when its time to learn new things on our own… we look around for inspiration.. motivation.Want to stand out of the croud..motivation. Want to take a risk…inspiration. Want to do this…motivation…do that…inspiration. Try this out… try smelling. Take a deep breath, stand still, smell the air…can you smell it “inspiration is in the air”.

Recently I attended the Landmark Forum (ohh! it was a mind blowing experience we’ll talk about it later) I had to share the experience from my life. I just walked up to the mike, spent 7-10 mts to describe a small incident and I was done. We had a tea break after that. I went out as usual, talking, trying to grab a quick snack and coffee. I had a surprise, one person from the group walked up to me to say “I wasted 6 years of my life had I met you earlier my life would have been different”. He was ready to talk. I felt funny and I dont know what else. I smiled and said “catch you at lunch time”. After taking a few steps I heard another voice “can I meet you at lunch”? Opps! Party time? I soon realised there was fan club out there.

When I walked in I got an invitation for seating from one member. SURPRISE!! I sat down. “you are a real inspiration” comes one voice. “you should conduct motivational sessions” says another. Slowly ‘Das’ who invited me to sit down says “You write a book and I will see that it is published”. He must have seen the look on my face then he explained ,’how people out there are waiting for such inspirational stories’, ‘how such instances can get into people’s head’, ‘how I can play a role in changing people’s life’, etc.

When I saw the croud around me in lunch break, I slowly saw what I have done. I had left many people in the room ‘INSPIRED’. Many people who wanted that ‘outside trigger’. So I was the trigger…..there was one common question.. What motivated me? Who was my inspiration? I stood still, took a deep breath and said “Inspiration is all in the air”. So people dont inspire or motivate, they do. The people influence your inspirations. The people intensify your motivations. But if you dont ‘smell inspirations’ then….


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