‘The Friend’ when she was gone..

Every word normally brings before you an image & every word also brings a co-relating word with the image. We always have a mind mapping with every person, place or object. When I relate to the word ‘The Friend’ a ‘bright face with the brightest smile’ pops up in the mind. The Friend- but now she is gone…

How much of an influence she had on my life was felt and understood after she was gone. She and I could have been better and a best friend, what came in the way was the age factor. I was very old and she was too young to be my best friend. I realized this when she was gone. We shared all bad times, when good times were around the corner, she was gone.

She found happiness in every sorrow.  She smiled at every shortfall. She never gave up, no matter what disaster struck. Many of these are imbibed in me, I realized after she was gone. She was so young, energetic and filled with enthusiasm. I was old & unhappy.  I had my worries, my problems to deal with.  She was too young and I was old, I realized life after she was gone. Every time i unwind thoughts about her, I miss her,  she was my mother and I was the daughter.

My mother ‘the friend’ when she is gone…..


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