Just move the mountains!

I happen to hear a very impressive story, from our very own Panchatantras. If anyone can get an essence of it and if anyone follows it, success will surely be at their door steps.

There was once a very powerful Yogi who was very proud of his powers. He once decided to get the power to move the mountains. So he started his ‘penance’near the mountain. He soon was disturbed by a very ‘ordinary man’, who was impressed seeing the ‘yogi’. He asked the ‘yogi’ about his ‘penance’. When the ‘yogi’ explained he was thrilled. He wanted to move mountains too.. He pleaded the ‘yogi’ to teach him ‘mantras’ so that he can move mountains. The ‘yogi’ laughed at the foolishness of the ‘ordinary man’. He told him that it is too complex to learn.

The ‘ordinary man’ was not ready to give up. He pleased the ‘yogi’ to teach him a simple ‘mantra’. The yogi’ told him to say ‘ go here’ and ‘go there’. The ordinary man left happily. The ‘yogi’ carried on with his penance. Days went by. Months went by….

One day the ‘yogi’s’ penance was disturbed again, he opened his eyes to see that the mountain had moved. He also saw the ‘sea’ the ‘trees’ all moved from here to there. It was then he saw the ‘ordinary man’ chanting the mantra ‘go here’ ‘go there’ and the entire world moved…..

What a great insight if you get the essence of the story. The importance of doing the smallest things right. Giving 100% to what ever we do. Whether it is doing our jobs or living do we ever do it 100%? I think each one of us can move mountains, all it takes is to say ‘go here’ and ‘go there’ with full dedication and desire to actually move the mountain.


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