No-nonsense me?

Though it is registered, I don’t know when, I have been called a no-nonsense person by many. But I think it is of late I have started taking note of it when people say it to me. To top it all I have started claiming I am a no-nonsense person. Yesterday it came up again.

Me and my friend were debating a topic yesterday and at the end of it he said ” this is the best part of you, the no-nonsense, YOU”. The result this post.

My friends used to call me Princess Leia (A character in Star Wars movies who was tough, no-nonsense yet delicate and romantic). I don’t know why, it just occurred that I should check if there is any negativity attached to this ‘no-nonsense’ word. Dictionary meanings say :no-nonsense person is one who : does not tolerate irrelevancies; is direct, is efficient and practical: also marked by or showing deep sincerity or seriousness.

I know I am all of these, so no negativity. But it was funny to read that sincerity and seriousness are together. You have to be serious to be sincere?  Or only the sincere ones are serious. or is it you can be either sincere or serious? Noway! I am lost. But I know that there is a very thin line between no-nonsense and arrogance. Take one step ahead from no-nonsense you can go to the land of arrogance. I generally stick to ‘no-nonsense’. So conclusion : A lot of respect and trust i have earned is because of the no-nonsense’ me.


4 thoughts on “No-nonsense me?

  1. Hi Purnima,

    Whenever I drop in to read your blog I get to know a little more about you. Thank you for sharing who you are with the readers of your blog.

    It is nice to have a no-nonsense friend who can show me life as it is, not only as I wish it to be.

    I have to commend you for knowing what out of bounds looks like…that thin line between no-nonsense and arrogance is an important awareness. Some people do not have the self awareness to acknowledge too much of a good thing can be a bad thing.

    Since you know there is a line and crossing it becomes something negative you can more easily use your “powers” for good and add value to those you are in contact.

    Love reading your blog. Everytime I stop by you get my thoughts flowing.


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