Spiral Limits!

The difference between limitation and shortage is very simple. Limitation is set by ourselves and shortage is set by the outside. If we decide not to spend more than X amount, its a limitation, but if, what we want to buy is not available or available in less quantity then it is shortage.

But the limitation , I am talking about is not the quantitative one.  All of us have the habit of limiting our selves and then concluding it is shortage. The limitation can be for an individual or a company.

  • We limit our knowledge because we have no time
  • We limit our progress because there is no opportunity
  • We limit our imagination because we have no space for it.
  • We limit our vision because we have short site 🙂

Leaving reasons apart why do we limit ourselves? Because we all do spiral working and spiral thinking.

Program or growth is only one area or direction. Of course it is sensible to stick to your core competency or specialized area, but what stops us from alternatives and what stops us from knowing the other open avenues

This thought process was initiated by R K Misra, founder of changeindia.com. I was hearing him talk and he, a chemical Engineer make his first big money by importing RVs (mobile homes) into Japan.

What is important is not going spiral. I am from a finance background and was going great but spiral. But i stopped one day to realize how this growth is limiting me.  That is when I broke away from it to ripple.

No, not that I mean leave what you are doing to come out of spiral thinking or working. I mean work or think in ripples. Give yourselves more space and more option.  Just dont look at only one area at a time.  If you are in IT does not mean you should not know how a restaurant profits or how the China market mass produces, or how the Indian Retail boom just began.  Think or work in RIPPLES!

Think about it, think in ripples!


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