Play in adversity

Taking an opportunity into hand is nothing to be talked about. Playing when an opportunity opens up is also not uncommon. But playing in adversity ? Playing when in a unfortunate situation ? Why can’t we do it ?

Is it so difficult to take the adversity as a disguised opportunity. I read some where that most opportunity are missed as they come disguised. So why not adversity be one of the disguised opportunity.

It reminds me of a story narrated by Azim Premji, ‘There once was a donkey which accidently fell into a old, dried up, open well. The people around, surrounded the well and could do nothing about the donkey in the well. The donkey also tried to climb up and failed. It wayened and cried. After few days the people around decided to cover the well with dust / sand and stones to put an end to the donkey’s missing. They started throwing all possible things into the well. Every time a layer of dust accumulated in the base of the well, the donkey took one step up. Finally instead of getting burried in all the sand and dust the donkey climbed up and out of the well.

Can we as human beings take advantage of adversities ?


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