The other side of reasons

We inherit a lot of skills over a period of time. Skills to postpone, skills to forget, skills to fail, skills to reasoning out. It is true, “Practice makes one Perfect”. Practice good or bad, we will perfect it. Practice postponing we will surely perfect it. Every time we perfect such skills we attach reasons. I had to postpone because…

I had to forget because … etc.

Last week I had to go to Hyderabad for a program. I had all minds not to go. I had ‘VALID’ reasons. Office had very important happenings…. “Tickets not available… etc.

The reasons were on my table and i felt right in my decision not to go to Hyderabad. I was very focused and at the end was very conclusive that ‘going is no big deal’ I am not loosing much by not going. The ‘reasons’ won as they sat in front of me on my table. I went on with my work.

As I went on with my normal work, It just occurred, just like that. “why not look at the other side of reasons.” I looked at the ‘reasons’ smiling at me, but I started noting down the other side “The reason To”. Why should I go to Hyderabad. I listed all possible benefits and outcomes which may be interesting. Belive it or not the list was so huge, that the ‘reasons’ just vanished. I had no second thoughts on going. What happened after that is an episode by itself. I knew what I wanted out of the ‘going’ and I got more than that.

In life we do a lot of things for which we do not need ”reasons to do”. But when we do not want to do certain things we have “reason not to do”. Say you want to visit a family/friend, instead of focusing on ‘reasons not to visit’ think of the other side. ‘Reasons to visit’. I am sure lot of decisions can alter.

It just needs looking at other side of reasoning to alter postponement to happening, to alter forgetfulness to remembrance, to alter failures to success and to alter “reasons not to do” to “reasons to do”.


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