Ethics or No Ethics

If a question is asked ‘what is ethics’ I am sure we can get varied answers

  • Ethics is what is right
  • what my religion says
  • what law requires
  • what society accepts

Basic factor is that ethics is the right conduct; it is a concept of right and wrong. The world we stand today the right and wrong are shifting places. I am reading a recent Team Lease survey on ‘work place ethics’ which was titled ‘Nothing ethical about ethics’. It is quite disturbing to read the survey result.

Factors which was considered in ethical some time back is ‘just OK’ these days. Some of the survey results is as follows

  • Kolkatta  behaves very strongly towards unethical office behavior 76% of people are ethical while Ahmedabad is most lenient
  • Bangalore is the 3rd unethical city.

None of these are unethical any longer

  1. Logging in incorrect in/out time.
  2. Using office telephone for personal calls.
  3. 60% people lie (unbashed) while applying for leave.
  4. False promises to clients.
  5. Use any methods to get competitor information.
  6. Doing personal work in office.
  7. Selling out company information.
  8. Using office material for personal use.
  9. Taking credit for other’s job.

Just introducing ‘Ethical policy’ will not work. Companies set ‘Code of conduct’ for a nice display and for external audits. Companies set rules only for the employees to follow. What will actually help is setting an example.

Leader within the company and the company itself should show case ethical practices and imbibe these practices in employees.


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