Luck vs Me

‘ I am very unlucky’ is what people consider of me. Today in a conversation with a family friend the same subject came up “Purnima, why is it that you are so unlucky, what did you do in your previous janam. May be God himself wants to put a hold on to you ever time you go up. Try going up slower. Why is it always Luck vs You?”

Though I have heard similar statements made in different versions. It never impacted me. I just go on. Today also after the conversation, I started to office. I just had one question Why do I get them to say it to me? I was driving with lot of thoughts and actually drove past the turn to my office. It took me 5 min. to realize the same I turned back. I stopped in front of the office. I saw immediately the flowers at the entrance, I was wondering what, today was Friday, may be a little more special because it is Ganesha Chaturthi, with thoughts cris-crossing I just walked in. I could not believe my eyes ! In a second the thought in my mind just vanished. I found no words, my team had a surprise for me. Just before entering I was thinking why I can’t go slow? Why I dream and aim big ? The answer is in front of me “MY TEAM”. I consider myself the ‘Luckiest’ ! I had the team in my eyes. What more can I ask for? The energy, the enthu the team spirit!. Is there anything which can stop us? Why should we limit our dream or aim small ? Its not Luck vs Me. Its Luck -Me. This again goes with a phrase I like ” I’ am firm believer of luck, the smaller I work the more I have it”.

Here is the surprise ‘my team’ had for me, Ganesha Chaturthi Photos


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