A chat with ‘her’ and ‘her’

I was just moved by what happened a couple of days back. I was talking to this friend of mine, a very big name, known for all great qualities you can think of in a women.

She is surely a very popular figure, a doctor by profession a mentor to me, very successful and leading personality. I met her few months back and we just linked. I was talking to her about my life and the ups and downs and saw her just nod.

I got no big reaction, so I concluded she is too big to be sensitive to  ‘such smaller issues of life’. She must have read my mind. She looked at me and started, “Let me share some thing with you” & she  went on saying “I have a friend who had deep routed problems… she went through this in life… and that in life.. and suffered… struggled…” etc. etc”.

Her narration litterly brought tears in my eyes. The story she told me got me really emotional. But I saw her narrating it in the same calm and cool way. I was again thinking, ‘even this story of her friend is not affecting her’ by the time my thought process ended, she smiled and said, ‘That friend of mine, purnima, you too know her well’, she smiled again and said. That’s me, I have managed to see that other side of me, who suffered , as another person, outside me  so that it no longer hurts, when ever I talk of my painful past it is always about ‘her’ and not ‘me’. Only because of this I am able to move on…”, I had no words.


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