iPOTT is nominated for the TATA NEN Hottest Startup Award 2008

iPOTT is the first of its kind, web based information centre for software developed across the world for the Indian Market. We are the destination for both individuals and companies looking for software or software information. With India moving into “IT does Matter” world we find there is a gap in availability and accessibility of information. iPOTT is born to bridge this gap between need and availability of Software & Software Information.. more

Why is iPOTT Hot?

  1. The concept of iPOTT is refreshing and is in line with the need of the hour. Software from $1 to $1,000,000 is available on the site.
  2. The vision of iPOTT to be the largest source of software and software information & our value sets which is guiding us through.
  3. The objective to outperform ourselves in being best in software search. We will be introducing search based on interest / hobbies and profession shortly.
  4. The ever enthusiastic team calling themselves iPOTTisans find the workplace creative, with a lot enjoyment & fun, full of opportunities and helps multi dimensional growth.

We are now competing for the top 30 position. But our ultimate aim is to be in the top 5 TATA NEN hottest startups awards 2008. Please extend your support and encouragement ,for us, by casting your vote. You can vote by sending SMS ‘HOT<space>402’ to 56767.

Alternatively please visit http://www.hotteststartups.in and cast your vote. We would be more thrilled to receive your comments online. Also, can we request you to take a minute to forward this mail to anyone who will be willing to vote for us.


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