Always – Do – Right

I have the habit of adding a quote in my mail signature. Many a friends of mine have the habit of looking at my signature ‘quote’ every time my mail lands in their mail box.

Oh, and of course I change the quote once a while . currently it reads ‘Always do right – this will gratify some and astonish the rest’

I got a comment from a friend that its good and he followed by saying….. but purnima at what cost?: The statement got me thinking. I am principled to ‘always do right’ but it never occurred to analyze the cost attached to doing right; As my friend said ……. which weighs more, what you got or what you lost……..”

I have never stopped to weigh, was there a necessity ? I am not sure. But now I got into thinking. I just looked at last few occasion when I had to be right and I lost something.’

Ya, I could see, I have lost certain thing in ‘trying to be right’ money, time, energy, etc etc. But the real fact is in the same process. I must have added a little more trust, earned some more credibility, kept up my self esteem, I am sure all these weigh more then what I lost. Surely what ever be the cost, the other side will always weigh more.

“Always do right – this will gratify some and astonish the rest”


One thought on “Always – Do – Right

  1. good thought!

    your are right and i like very much your quote

    this is true.

    some will gratify and rest will astonish


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