What inspires me!

I have not crossed this question before and it actually got me into thinking. Thanks “silent_mentor” for inducing the thought. I am so used being in the ‘doing’ domain that no time was spent as whats moving me & keep me going. A little thinking did give me the answer. I have said it many times before but did not acknowledge it as an inspiration.

My biggest inspiration is from life itself and the people I cross day to day. During this thinking, I realized how I have been observing every human being who is in authority, who has followers &  who create an impact, my inspiration Who was a great teacher, who always had student followers, my mother who creates impact not only on us within family, but outside too, and up to Gandhiji whom the entire nation followed.  Each one of them are an inspiration. It is always,  ‘if he can’ why can’t I. If it works for them why not for me. Taking this opportunity I thought I will list a few lines on each one who have inspired me and my life. May be it can’t be done in a day. I will start and keep adding to it.


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