Who is the luckiest?

When we were kids we learn’t a trick, how does one line get smaller without erasing it?  Just draw a bigger line next to it. Today I saw something so great that I got smaller. I was to visit a friend who insisted that I must meet his new sister-in-law. I was not given much details, I just went to meet the new member in his family.

I walked in; I must say I didn’t expect what I saw. I did not expect all that happened after that. His SIL greeted me with the biggest smile. Asked me to sit and went in and got me water and then juice and then some snacks. She works for a CA firm, new to Bangalore. She loves Bangalore she told me, but not a very friendly city… I knew it was a very mild statement. My friend boasted that she cooks the most delicious food. My friend even said “I get some sprout of energy every morning from her before of leave for office” her husband was just watching with a big smile all through. During my 1 hour stay at their place I heard her say I am so lucky at least a dozen times. ‘Lucky to have got a wonderful husband,  great life, good family, great job, superb friends, etc, etc.” I finally asked her “don’t you ever feel low or bad?” she asked me “do you?” I said “sometimes” she answered “me too” with the big smile.

Honestly, when I walked out, I felt a little smaller. She has no legs, both amputated, the left hand is immobile. The right hand is the only one which can be used. She sits on a electrical wheel chair, which is specially designed where movement is controlled by a joystick. If her left hand is placed on the joystick she manages to move all over. Her single hand does work of four hands. She drives her own vehicle.  She is a partner in a CA firm and works on computer, the left fingers tap the mouse and right works on keyboard. There is only one lady with her all the time to move her left hand and to assist her move from chair to other areas. Only thing she told me she can’t do is ‘run’.

As I walked out I was listing out all those things which I don’t do or can’t do, I really felt small


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