Don’t help with the nails..

Quite often I happen to cross similar statement from many of my entrepreneur clan of friends…

  1. My friends are avoiding me, I am running bad waters in business
  2. My family is blaming me, I am paying my staff before home needs
  3. My relatives are seeing me as a failure, I lost a major order

All of it were just statements… but some where it got me thinking.  I have been listening, reading and discussing many areas around the subject.   Failures are in every sphere of life, in families, in relationships, in work space, etc. but entrepreneur failures are viewed  severely.  One recent debate on these lines, with a friend provoked this post.

Lets be honest, every entrepreneur who start on their own goes through the rollercoaster, especially when you are a first generation entrepreneur.  I want to borrow some lines from a recent blog of Perry Marshal titled…Entrepreneurs and our insatiable GREED

Have you ever….

  • Tapped a line of credit or 2nd mortgage so you could give your employees their paycheck?
  • Paid off all your vendors and creditors, even though it meant canceling a long-awaited vacation?
  • tapped every resource to pay everyone fairly, and you went to bed not knowing how tomorrow’s bills were going to get paid”

Here is an entrepreneur for you…

This is reality.  When one becomes an entrepreneur, one begins with dreams a lot of dreams, hopes, happiness, desires, plans etc etc.    Lets accept:  to quit the secure job and to get into entrepreneurship by itself takes a lot of courage.  Lets not talk here about those who are forced into it.  I am talking about those, includes me, who plunged into entrepreneurship knowing well its risks.  Just like it has good days,  we all know very well there are bad ones.  Of course, how bad it is going to be cannot be predicted.   But there are those lows…

Somehow I personally feel  setbacks ( I don’t believe in failures) in entrepreneurship are viewed more severely than any other, why so?

While in work if you we quit jobs, the company is at fault.   While in work if a subordinate quits the management is at fault.  While in work if we have unpaid bills the pay package is at fault.  While in work if we have a wrong hire the HR policy is at fault. While in work if the sales drop,  the market is at fault.   So along with us,  family and friends can blame the company, the management, etc.

But in entrepreneurship the entire fault is only and only on the entrepreneur.  This is the only way it appears, this is the only way any one can see it.  Who or what can be blamed other than the entrepreneur?    Whom can the family and friends blame?  So be it.. there is no question of ‘is it true’ or ‘is it right’ it is just it.. so why not accept this as a fact.  I am not saying blame yourself and sulk.   All I am saying is ‘there is no other way to it’ so take responsibility and don’t feel ashamed.   Don’t sulk, don’t stop and don’t carry guilt.  Instead work out of it, find ways around.

If the above para is considered equivalent to ‘don’t care’ or ‘let everyone go to hell’ attitude, you are wrong.  I say this because you must understand your own power & have faith about yourself.   We have dreamed and schemed and innovated and once a while failed, it hurts.  So what?   Believing that somehow, somewhere, success would show up when it was most needed is the need at such times.
I remember a friend saying that “entrepreneurship includes self crucification”.  How beautiful..and true.   So lets accepts if lows are in the up is due to come..when we have the intelligence to seek success we also have the ability to cross hurdles.  .  Some times we do not know how the deep routed problem is going to get resolved, all we know is “it will”.  If you are reading this and you have a relative, friend or family who is being crucified,  please … don’t help with the nails…


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