“Move on” for a powerful life

After my  earlier post on empowerment. I had decided to put down a few habits of mine which makes me feel powerful.  Again let me clarify, by power I do not mean I feel the whole world is under my thumb.  It is that “I” basically fell all charged up and enthusiastic enough.  I am basically relating it to the way I feel within; “powerful”.  And I had to use the word habit as I feel I diligently follow this patter.  Is it always this way, may not be, only that when I deviate I know I am deviating and I can get back on track.

I firmly believe that ‘moving on’ is very very critical for a powerful life.  Whatever be the situation, circumstances, happening, mishap, every happening should push you further and not stop you.  Generally every good or bad incidents in life has an impact on life.  Fact is, all good incidents need not have a positive impact and vice versa.   Now question is not if the happening is good or bad.  It is not even if the impact is good or bad.  The only question is ‘has it stopped you’.  I am driven to believe anything which has stopped me in moving on is a bad incident.

Every bad incident places us in cross roads.  When in cross roads, the right and wrong,  the suitable and not suitable, nothing makes sense.  You just stand in cross roads.  This is the most critical time in one’s life.  A lot of life gets lost standing on cross roads.

There are people who get into cross roads even for deciding naan over roti, matters as simple as this.  But powerful people are those who don’t get stopped even in the worst of worst situations.  I remember reading somewhere…when travelling on a high way you get two roads ahead, and know not which to take,  does it make sense to stand trying to decide on the one to take.   When you don’t know which is the right one, does it make sense to worry over it.  Do a tick-tack-toe and  take one of it,  atleast you can rule out a wrong road soon.

I do agree some paths have no return.   Yet the point is you move on.  Sometimes it may be a wrong decision, and the whole world will pin you for your mistake.  Its ok, you make a wrong decision, you may even pay a price for it, yet you move on.

One of my most favorite quotes from Alice in Wonderland is “run faster and faster to be in the same place”.   This is a very beautiful truth about life, and more applicable in today’s world.  If one has to run to be in the same place, so what is to be done if one has to move on in life?    Moving on surely gives me the power…



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