“DO GOOD, no matter what”

I am sure its not my experience alone, each one must have been through the similar phases.  You do good to people around and they may stab you back.. they forget the good done.. they ignore the help received.  It is simple and easy to say, no matter what good you do people are ungreatful.  So dont do good. By doing good I dont mean just monitory help.  It is everything from lending shoulders in distress  to holding a stick for some one to cross a bridge.

But I have a habit, no matter what, DO GOOD. . People hurt you, do good. People let you down, do good.  People just dont care, do good.    Of course I dont mean doing good to the same person again, again and again,  if they do you wrong.   I have be ridiculed , questioned, blamed,  advised for not learning my lessons.  Some how, I am not willing in this area.  If one person betrayed you does not mean dont trust the next individual you meet?  If one employee cheated, will I survive as an entrepreneur if i stop trusting every other employee?   What do i get by doing good, no matter what?   I dont feel victimized.  I feel powerful.  I am in control.

Why I do this?   I firmly believe every good we do, comes back to us through a different path.  Look at life and count the times when help came out of the blue, when light was shown when you were lost.   Every good which is happening is only due to the good you passed on.. sounds a little philosophical?  So what.  Its pretty simple actually, your doing good should not be dependent on what you recently received or what you are about to receive.

I remember an episode from one movie ( name i cannot recollect) in which the Chinese Chef makes extremely good ramen  (a kind of popular traditional noodles) when eaten people tend to laugh.   The chef himself is a very serious looking individual.  But people who eat his ramen laugh (literally) as they feel happy.

He teaches ,to one American girl,  the art of making ramen and she does equally good noodles but when people eat it they all tend to cry (again literally).

The underlaying factor which the story conveys is that the impact of the noodle on the other human being is not based on the look of the chef, but basically is impacted by the feeling of the chef while making the noodle.  The American girl makes her noodles feeling miserable and sad within, as her boy friend walks out of her.

Now why I had to say this here?  Understand,  the good you do is not a reflection of what you want to do to the other human being or its result, it is a reflection of what you are within.  If you are basically a good human being you actually cant stop yourself from doing good.   It does not make any sense.  Forget it!  Just remember if you want to feel good and be empowered,  DO GOOD NO MATTER WHAT.



4 thoughts on ““DO GOOD, no matter what”

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