What is success?

I happen to listen to talk show on Vijay TV. ‘Kadai alla Nijam’ translates to ‘Its not a story its truth’. As i was scanning through the channels at 11.30 in the night, when one of my backup process was running on the laptop, “After every insult I knew I was breaking within, I also knew that I was becoming weaker. Then I knew there was only one alternative. To get stronger. ” this statement made me pause.

There was a talk with Murali, on tamil film hero. He was narrating his real life experiences, in the film industry. He was of a very dark complexion and hence he was ridiculed and treated badly when he came into the industry. Today you see every other next door person becoming a hero, but couple of years back, white skin was very crucial for qualifying as a hero.

The chat was only for few minutes ( or may be i got it when it was ending) was so sensible and so truthful it touched my senses. There was a question, “so after you became successful, did you take revenge of those who insulted you” he says, “I don’t believe in taking revenge. I did not want to show any of them anything, or prove anything to anyone. All I wanted is to do my own job well. But when they came to me for booking me as a hero when i got popular, instead of saying a no, when I obliged with a smile, I think I won.”

To a question on what is success “ i dont know actually, since I did not take heed of failure or didnt keep tag of success, I don’t know what success is..”

Such good thoughts, from a simple hero.. i mean you keep you eyes and ears open, the world out their will teach you every bit of life and living…


One thought on “What is success?

  1. Take a look at the above post i have written it only beginning of the month. Today when i was just jumping channels, i found the news ‘actor murali’, whom i spoke about in my above post has died (at 45 years)… life is so full of turns and twists.. tomorrow is not certain, and how much we waste our life. Waste it in so many ways.. the best thing to do is to live as though there is no tomorrow…

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