Who rules who?

Its for a while now, i was wanting to write on the mobile phones ruling our lives.. couple of weeks back this wanting increased and today I had to pen down.

Incidentally I was reading a article in The Hindu “Its your servant, not master”.   I mean, even when today life without a mobile is unimaginable, still how much it messes up your life is something to think about.  I have to write this though, blackberry is part of my day to day life.   Couple of months back one of the days I realized,  its messing up with my life.  I laid certain rules for myself.   Though it is tough to implement all i still manage it to some extent.

Earlier, I had two sims, both will ring.  Every time the phone rings it felt like a duty to pick it up.  Picking up after 5 rings was also not right.  If i dont pick the phone on the third ring, i would apologize.  When i miss the call and return it again i used to apologize.    So one can imagine what  if i forget to call back.  Every call had to be answered and there was misconception that it might be the ‘ most important’ call.   One day I was returning a missed call, I said ” i got a missed call, who is this please”, i got a very very rude answer “i did not give you a missed call you didn’t answer my call”  and i went all the way to explain.. i was in a meeting and how i could not pick up.. etc.   After a while it got me thinking ‘ what the hell.. what am i sorry for.  For not picking the call, for returning the call, for attending the meeting, for doing business’, why should I be going around explaining?

Recently there was a death in the family.   All phones keep ringing..showing respect for the dead, people dont want to talk.  All they do is pick up the phone and announce that they are at a death ceremony.  Is this some kind of a disease, that you have pick and say “I am attending a funeral, i will call later” ” I am in a meeting i will call you back..”  I have observed people giving me strange looks when i dont pick up a call. During some meeting, i am encouraged to pick up a call, ‘ohh you are a CEO, the call might be important, you go ahead and talk’ but i dont.   I dont pick up, I am in the middle  of  some very important thought process, i dont want a interruption.. whatever, so what.   Not picking up calls simply means  cant pick up now not avoiding.

Earlier these uncalled for sales calls used to be less irritating.   Few days back, i was in a meeting, and got a call from a unknown number, i disconnected.  and the call kept coming back.  Though it was in silent mode, yet the light flash kept distracting.  The call came in atleast half a dozen times.  So i excused myself to pick it up.  It was a life insurance call.   “when i disconnect, why to do you call repeatedly? ” “how do i know why you disconnected?” was the answer….is there a training program to train us on how to keep cool when you confront mobile indecencies ?

The other thing i love about the mobile phone is the ring tones and caller tones.  I try calling a person for a business closure  i am welcomed with ”  I’m a Slave for You ” man, you are fan of Britny..i dont mind, but why should i be listing to it.  I tried calling a few people to inform of my uncle’s death.. i have to hear “where is the party…”  “Naka muka ..(god know what it means)..” “I will do anything for you”.. same goes with ring tones.  All of us are humans, we forget, forget to put in silence, so be it meetings or concert or a death ceremony, in the midst of silence, the phone goes off “ohh sexy sexy mama..”  hell.   I am not against the lovely songs or the exotic taste of songs for mobile, but why should i be forced to listing to it.  With all due respects, there is a friend who has ‘anti-god’ speech as his ring tone.  He is a atheist fine, but why should i listen to it. I dont even have the option to mute it. He used to point out that i have a hindu goddess as a phone screen saver.   That’s private.   Ring  tones or caller tones is intruding privacy.

Unless, as individuals, we set our standards  and discipline,  frustration will mount on..i have got my rules in place.  Mobile phones no longer rules my life like it used to…


3 thoughts on “Who rules who?

  1. Hey, you speak the mind of many.. we just do it at coffee breaks and you have done it to reach many. Great! Purnima..good to be your friend.

  2. So right. It why I gave up using the phone a few years ago, and carry 1 rupee coins. It’s like a leash. It pulls, we answer.

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