What creates charisma?

I was watching a program on Vijay TV, an audio release of a latest tamil movie.  I must have mentioned many times before I a not that sincere follower of either the programs or movies, but I get stopped when something touches me.

I had to stop when I heard the most versatile actor Kamal Hassan recite a love poem (his own poem).    The words were simply beautiful, more beautiful was the way he said it.    But best was the way he looked at his girl friend and how she reacted.   No wonder he steals… Am I a fan ?  Not really.  I follow..I follow many personalities who have the charisma.  It’s not his onscreen performances it’s the off-screen talks.. there are very few who can capture the entire attention by just their presence and of course talks : Charisma.

I love to see what creates it, what they do differently….it’s just not movie stars who have the charisma,  it can be social workers, business tycoons,  politicians, swamijis.. I watch and listen.   I follow what they say and do to have so many people admire them, follow them most importantly listen to them.    I don’t listen to what others say about the charismatic personalities, those are views, comments and gossips.

When I say this, I generally hear a lot of them say, whats the big deal.  Just learn to talk well.. its just not that.   If its got to do with looks, I still would say no.. Is it that pomp and show which creates charisma.  I don’t think so.  Then what is that one factor which creates the magic.  I keep asking this question myself.   If there are more than one factor which is common what is it?

I feel it is a very simple factor “authenticity”,  Talking the mind out direct..without a ‘looking good factor’.   When talks are simple, without any makeup or makeover, when the talks are not hyped, when the talks are not emotional.. more simpler when it comes from the heart and when you mean it..it creates charisma.  The same rule applies whether it is between two people or in front of a group or in front of an entire crowd.   How many of you have had the opportunity to listen to the recorded speeches of Gandhiji?    listening to it will confirm how simple his language is but how powerful.  It does not surprise at all that the nation followed him.

BY the way authentic talking needs a lot of courage….   What do you’ll have to say..


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