The Social Network best moments

I happen to watch ‘The Social Network’ I have pages and pages to write about it..I will do it in the following posts.. but today i just want to capture to most interesting moments from the movie..just loved and enjoyed these

Sean Parker: Drop the “The”. Just “Facebook”. It’s cleaner.

Mark Zuckerberg: If you guys were the inventors of Facebook, you’d have invented Facebook.

Gage: Mr. Zuckerberg, do I have your full attention?

Mark Zuckerberg: [stares out the window] No.
Gage: Do you think I deserve it?
Mark Zuckerberg: [looks at Gage] What?
Gage: Do you think I deserve your full attention?
Mark Zuckerberg: I had to swear an oath before we began this deposition, and I don’t want to perjure myself, so I have a legal obligation to say no.
Gage: Okay – no. You don’t think I deserve your attention.
Mark Zuckerberg: I think if your clients want to sit on my shoulders and call themselves tall, they have the right to give it a try – but there’s no requirement that I enjoy sitting here listening to people lie.
You have part of my attention – you have the minimum amount. The rest of my attention is back at the offices of Facebook, where my colleagues and I are doing things that no one in this room, including and especially your clients, are intellectually or creatively capable of doing.
(this is my best…..I bet it will be understood by those who are, not just passionate, but paranoid about what they are working on..I want to include myself in this club 🙂

Mark Zuckerberg: Did I adequately answer your condescending question?

Gage: Your best friend is suing you for 600 million dollars.

Mark Zuckerberg: [sarcastically] I didn’t know that; tell me more!

Mark Zuckerberg: A guy who makes a nice chair doesn’t owe money to everyone who has ever built a chair.

Sean Parker: [At the restaurant] One million dollars isn’t cool. You know what’s cool?

Eduardo Saverin: You?
Eduardo Saverin: [the scene shifts back to one of the lawyer’s offices] A billion dollars.
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Sean Parker: We lived in farms, then we lived in cities, and now we’re gonna live on the internet!

Mark Zuckerberg: Ma’am, I know you’ve done your homework and so you know that money isn’t a big part of my life, but at the moment I could buy Mt. Auburn Street, take the Phoenix Club, and turn it into my ping-pong room.

Mark Zuckerberg: Money or the ability to make it doesn’t impress anybody around here.

Gretchen: 18,000 dollars?

Eduardo Saverin: Yes.

Gretchen: In addition to the $1,000 you’d already put up?
Eduardo Saverin: Yes.
Gretchen: A total of $19,000 now?
Eduardo Saverin: Yes.
Mark Zuckerberg: Hang on.
[Mark sarcastically adds up the 2 amounts on his notepad]
Mark Zuckerberg: I’m just checking your math on that. Yes, I got the same thing.

Sean Parker: When you go fishing, you can catch a lot of fish or you can catch a big fish. You ever go into a guy’s den and see him in a picture standing next to 14 trout?

Mark Zuckerberg: They came to me with an idea, I had a better one.

WOW! I was blown over.. let me talk about it in the next post..


2 thoughts on “The Social Network best moments

  1. Hey Shawn,

    Bad Bad you didn’t like the movie. let me tell you something, this movie will be liked only if you are have a experience similar…. whats that you do? I will post after a while what made me like the movie so very much. I own a company which is dreaming big…. its not easy to explain. i will try but. keep watching this space.


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