The Social Network & ME

I had written a earlier post on the movie ‘The Social Network’ .   It’s about the Facebook ( & Founder Mark Zuckerberg.    I have received mixed reactions for the move Social network.  One of it you can see it in my earlier post itself, a comment by Shawn.  I bet only a few can enjoy it.  And I have just gone gha gha.  Only those who know me well will know why this move is close to my heart.   Because of my company iPOTT.

  • The facebook was born from a simple idea – iPOTT too
  • Mark Zuckerberg (founder)  worked around the entire idea stage by stage – me too
  • Mark has no money to invest in the idea – I had very  little to invest
  • Mark’s friend invested $19000 –friend and family  loaned me out
  • Mark had no clue where he is heading – me too
  • Face book started with 5 member team and operated from an apartment – we too
  • Every step was a celebration for the team-for us too
  • Facebook created waves in the market even before revenue was generated – same with iPOTT
  • Mark trusted a friend who created humiliation and loss for facebook and Mark   – mine too
  • Mark did not give up nor did he stop – me too
  • Mark’s paranoid love for his idea facebook made him look like a nerd in the eyes of the world- me too
  • Mark still stuck to his idea – me too

All the above is an old story as far as face book goes.   Mark Zuckerberg got a huge funding and has taken Facebook to unimaginable heights.  Today facebook is valued at $20 billion.

I don’t know when I will reach where I want to.. but I will I know.   I am not saying I want to be compared.  It’s just we have been through similar situations, it feels like .. it happened to me.   Say you see a loving parent character and family on-screen, you feel like they are like my family.  Similarly, when i saw The Social Network, it felt like ‘ohh i felt this’  ‘ ohh I am like this ‘  kinds.

Those close to me also say a number of scenes reminds  them of me.   It will be more closer to all those who have walked by me in the difficult times.  If you are reading this post and you have been part of my journey,  THANK YOU.  Thanks to each one who has been in the journey till now.. and for those who continue to dream with me..

Shawn, if you are reading this post this is for you.    Not all like science friction? right? you need to have some kind of, what do i say,  liking to like science friction movies.  I am sure you know what i mean.  Similarly, only those who are  internet freaks who are thrilled on how the small ideas create giant businesses will like it, actually love it.    What do you have to say.


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