Who will die when you cry?

” I am very emotional”  this is a very common phrase which we hear in our daily lives.  I had a colleague, who used to cry on a drop of a hat..find a mistake, cry, did not get enough increment, cry, got a promotion, cry,   a friend commented on the dress, cry. Why all this crying… ” I am very emotional” she would say.

There are those who get angered with every little thing, upset over every happening, hurt too quickly with every word, keep cribbing about life  and claim to be emotional.  I  certainly feel emotions is one of the most misused term.   This very positive word ’emotional’ is totally misused. Some where the truth is that all these outbursts are actually a show of weakness from within, a kind of helplessness.   It is a usual scene to see people blow their caps off for small things and assume it is show of strength.  On the other hand there are people who will melt over the slightest discomfort a claim such a gentle heart.  And all these get camouflaged under the word emotional.   Display of emotions is a must, but over doing actually does not bring the expected result.

Try replacing the word emotions with ‘stickiness’ in situations above .   Emotion is a very good feel to oneself and others.  If the emotions is creating disgust to oneself and others it should be stickyness.. which gives a ‘yek’ feeling.   Be emotional and not sticky.

Who will die when you cry and cry and cry?


One thought on “Who will die when you cry?

  1. I too come across people who create scenes at one pretext or the other.Sometimes I wonder why they do this?.As far as my knowledge goes emotion means stirring up,excitement,of the mind the feelings;excited state of the mind or feelings.But never crying on small reasons.Thanks for your thoughts.

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