Gods must be crazy..

Some things have a impacts which cant be described.  some things we love doing not knowing why.. some movies are like that i like them not knowing why..

I have spoken about the Movie Gods must be Crazy in my earlier post https://purnimavaradrajan.wordpress.com/2009/03/03/if-gods-must-be-crazy-then-how-about-us/ it was on one of the channels last week end.  I watched it again.  it is so light and tender and gets you into thinking & of course laughing.   how life gets complicated in the hands of human beings?  Good movie..

Why am i talking about movies.. i got a friend telling me to mention movies and books in my blog, so that they can watch and read.. honestly i may not remember movies.. but surely will say it here when i cross it while browsing the TV 🙂


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