reading: Think like a Billionaire

What I am reading & have read I will keep sharing.. reading for me is like a daily routine.. like eating and sleeping.  I can’t do without it.   ‘Think like a billionaire’ is what I was reading today.. I have a habit,  I dont know if its good or bad.. most of the time I don’t a read a book end to end like a novel, I just read chapters.   Out of my collection of books I pick up anything at random to read.  I am just going to say what I liked in the book.  Lets not get into book review.  Books are also like food, not every one likes every thing.  So dont get me to tell you if the book is good.

I have a heard a lot of people say a lot of things about this book ‘think like a billionaire, written by Trump, the Apprentice fame.   Some dont like him and some his writing.. forget all that, i just enjoy some great thoughts.

his top 10 ways to think like a billionaire

1. don’t take vacations ( i love this) whats’ the point?  if you are not enjoying your work, that means you are in the wrong job.  even while playing golf , i am doing business.   i never stop working and i am usually having fun.  (me too me too :-).  Actually whatever you do, enjoy it. else dont do.  life is to be lived in present tense..)

2. have a short attention span. After first three words of their mouth i can tell what the next 40 will be  ( true !!)

3. Dont sleep any more than you have to i usually sleep 4 hours

4. dont  … (i am not saying this 4th point.  I dont like him for this point)

5. Think of yourself as a one man army. it is more important to be smart in business than tough. 

6. it is often to your advantage to be underestimated.  (i can bet on this one)

7. success breeds success the best way to impress people is through results.. (yep i go yes yes)

8. friends are good but family is better

9. Treat each decision like a lover.  i have learnt to trust instincts and not to over think things.  (this is must trait of a (successful!)  business   person)

there are many other lines in the book which i love.. but this will do for the post. Enjoy.


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