When you think NO you end with a NO!

I had a meeting couple of days back..which provoked this post.  It is a few weeks since we are trying to fix up the meeting and it was finally scheduled.  I walked into the posh and beautiful office..I was all geared up and I was so sure of a good closure..

But, the minute I started the conversation with the team… I knew they had already decided a NO for me.  so in the next one hour, all that I said had contentions and disagreement.   Every effort was in vain..i still had a ‘yes’ in my mind.  So the next hour went about with a different kind of conversation, where i knew they wanted to say a “YES” but with all that they said in the first one hour they could not close the meeting with a ‘yes’ but it ended with a ‘maybe’.   It was so obvious and totally visible from where i stood.

Ok now coming to why I am narrating this..simple,  this is how we behave in most scenarios in our lives.  Knowingly some time but unknowingly many times.   In the above case it was a NO, that could be anything in our daily lives.   You meet a person, form some opinion, god knows why, but form it..’he is so very arrogant’  and from then on,  no matter what he does, we search arrogance in him and we pat ourselves ‘see i knew it, i was right’ kinds.

We have clients, who stick to ‘this will not sell’ thought.   Try what so ever.. though we know they see value still ‘no this will not sell’ simply because they have started with that ‘no’ in mind.

When I started business,  lot of eyebrows raised, lot of thoughts around, ‘you? business? i dont think so?’, and every time there was a slip or a fall i will receive ” see i told you” .  The point is proven.

What I do not understand here is why do we have the habit of forming opinions?  And even if we do why cant we form some good ones?  And why is it so difficult to change the thinking, even after knowing the truth?   Why start with a NO and forcibly end it with a NO?


One thought on “When you think NO you end with a NO!

  1. Many times it happens like this.I have seen if you enter with a NO,it is NO till the end.Some times you enter with a YES,you come out maybe.It is our mind,which is to be fine tuned.We should be able to make YES/NO to NO/YES.Then only you become successful.

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