Its a wonderful life

Happen to watch the 1946 classic movie “its a wonderful life”.  I was so moved and touched by the movie that i had to write about it.  By the way this movie happens to be one of the most inspiring movies of all times.   This may be the origin of many such movies in similar lines..including zindagi na milagi….

The story line..its the normal – the good hero – the beautiful heroine – the bad man.. etc.

The good hero who forever sacrifices for every one in his life reaches a stage..’i can no longer take it’ and decides to commit suicide.  I think this is what most of us feel, when things go wrong, (giving up life is suicide, so giving up on a situation is called what?)  when there is no way ahead, when it looks all is lost.  The first question which pops into the head is “why me?”  The Hero just wants to disappear from the face of this earth.  Wife, children, family, friends nothing matters.  The frustration is so very high that the easiest solution would be to just vanish and let the problem resolve itself.

In the movie, this is when the magic happens.  An angel appears and grants him what he asks.  Just makes him vanish, he no longer exists, since he no longer exists nothing related to him exists.. all the good he he has done, all the lives he touched, all the happiness he spreads, nothing exists.    This is want makes the movie so beautiful.  There comes a reliazation that he has been making this world a better place through every act deed.  The world is such a disaster without him, then reality strikes like a slap on the face.

I had earlier written a post on “do good no matter what”,  and “move on for a powerful life” what I was trying to convey was exactly this.  We are just in the habit of going on and on about all misfortunes and mishaps in life and many a times the easiest way out is to end the situation.  Death and suicide may be the metaphor  for what we do to every situation.   Walk away, close the chapter, move away, who cares what happens after that.  We are out of the scene.. When most of them choose the easiest way?  just think are you different.  Will you take the less trodden path?

Just keep doing all those small little things which makes the world around better. I remember reading somewhere.. having problems?  I am thankful, i am alive.


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