Not content = greedy?

Sometimes when you have a feeling you are having a conversation again and again, it gives raise to blogs.  Last few days same question crossed me, from various people.  Why do you have to slog like this?  associated to this will be, ‘why not let things happen at its phase?’   underlined will be questions like, ‘why entrepreneurship?  why not a ‘normal’ ‘regular’ job?’  with a hidden meaning ‘why are you after money like this?’ consolidated into one single question “why are not content?”

As usual i remember a story.

Two men went fishing. One man was an experienced fisherman, the other
wasn’t. Every time the experienced fisherman caught a big fish, he put
it in his ice chest to keep it fresh. Whenever the inexperienced fisherman
caught a big fish, he threw it back. The experienced fisherman watched
this go on all day and finally got tired of seeing this man waste good
fish. “Why do you keep throwing back all the big fish you catch?” he

The inexperienced fisherman replied, “I only have a small frying pan.”

If this is being content with “small fish” when big fishes are at your reach, i dont intend to be content.  If being content is not having enough courage to get a bigger frying pan, i don’t want to want to be content.   When we see big fishes,  putting  in additions hours to buy a bigger pan, is ok right?   I dont know about others, I am ok with it.

I want to ask a question, when one works with an organization, they plan for the company, i too plan for the company, the difference, it its my own.    Everyone  works for objectives defined by others, i work for my vision.  Many follow paths, i set my own.   If this is ‘not being content”  then it better be.

As for as working hard for money.. every one does.  the only difference is that for me or any successful business money is the end result.

One very cute poem which i love…

Let others lead small lives,
but not you.
Let others argue over small things,
but not you.
Let others cry over small hurts,
but not you.
Let others leave their future
in someone else’s hands,
but not you.


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