Selfpowerment !! World what say?

I talk a lot about the word empowerment .. my earlier post on the subject  was quite a debate.. even today i am of the opinion that empowerment is the most misused and abused word.

Couple of weeks back there was this big big news about the ex-union minister making his wife take a vow  not to take away sacred symbols after his death.   Ya, of course it needs a wow, the man has to have guts  to do this in public in the 21st century 🙂   No debate on that.. or we will debate on this later.

What got my attention was the fact she did not know about it until he announced it in public.. see this.   There were three women who took the vow that they will not remove the mangalsutra, continue to keep bindi, etc after the husbands die and the media asks for comments the reply was, “ we did not know we were to take this vow” “I am shocked and cant react” infact one women says, “she is hurt”.  Is this empowerment?   It should have been the other way round..these men should give their wifes so much freedom that they will think and declare on their own they want to do so and so .. and then the husbands support them.  You thrust, impose and then claim empowerment.

If this is what empowerment is, so be it.. let people take advantage, use it & claim the limelight.  Lets create another word selfpowerment, give enough freedom for people to decide and do things because they feel powerful from within.  SELFPOWERMENT.. what say world.


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