Different results need different action!

In a factory we see machines performing some jobs. If the machine is designed to pack it will pack. If it is designed to screw a nut it will. When the machine is designed to seal a bottle it will. Can you except a different result from the machine? No ways!

Similarly we design ourselves for a result, to be upset over everything, to be cautious, to be resentful, to be blamed or blame and we get a certain result. And we are the ones who complain that things go wrong with us, no happiness around, everyone hates me etc. Change the design to see a different result.

When you have done something all these years and getting a certain result, you cannot do the same thing tomorrow to get a different result. DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT TOMORROW !!!!

Different results need different action!


3 thoughts on “Different results need different action!

  1. Your concept pierced in to my mind in fraction of seconds after reading it..So simple and crystal clear..Thank you

    1. My friends tell me I throw around one liners which has lot of impact on the person hearing it. One mentioned ‘you should add a ‘daily gyan’ on your blog for us to recollect the one lines’. So was born a segment in my blog “Daily Gyan”. It will have 4 to 8 lines of simple thoughts. I promise to make the reading interesting. Enjoy 🙂

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