Going till your headlight shows..

The idea is to drive down to Chennai in the night,  so when you start in Bangalore do you see Chennai?  While driving, all you get to see is the distance which the headlights shows you.   Do you have any doubts about reaching Chennai? No, why should you? Right!  Ya, but the time you will take to reach Chennai depends on how many stops you make on the way, how fast you drive, how many wrong turns you take etc. But reaching is for sure..

So when your destination is “success” or “that dream job” or ” the big order” or “anything” all it takes is…. going till your headlight shows.  When you will reach, will of course depend on how enthusiastic you are, how fast you move, how planned you are, how quickly you learn from mistakes etc. But reaching the designation is for sure.   

Just go till your headlight shows…


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