Try rejecting rejections..

Couple of days back I had written a few lines on “rejections don’t exist”,  I received a mail from a good friend, saying its nice to say such things but it does not make sense when when we are facing the situation.   Also was a mention that the example was not right.  Friend, this post is specially for you.

I remember reading somewhere “rejections are like a trumpet close to my ears, they dont stop me,  they wake me up and tell me to run”.   Rejection is a refusal by someone to accept, or approve or support you.  It is a general part of life.     You dont get the seat in college you want, dont win elections, dont get the promotion, dont get the job, dont get the appointment, dont get the girl / boy you want….instead of considering it as just happenings we consider it as rejection.

Let me ask you a stupid question.. you want to travel and want to catch a train and train leaves without you getting on it.  Will you say the train rejected you?   Will you stop stepping into the next train because the previous train “rejected” you?   Then why is that you cant try the next promotion when you miss one, why not try the  next client when you cant reach one, why not the next girl (i mean not the ‘next’ as in next!)  when one leaves you.   If you are missing every train, then look within, make some corrections to the time,  check for the right station.. but its stupid to stop boarding a train.

Same should be the case with every other happening…my favorite quote  (again thanks to Jack Canfield)..Some will, some wont, so what…someone else will and some one is waiting.

But you know what the worst case is, not even trying to catch the train, but declaring the train rejected you 😉 So if you have tried hard and got rejected,  just ignore, reject rejections and move on.


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