Funny, it is a 4+ year old blog and it still appears to get noticed. Even today it brings visitors..and most talked about. i am happy and surprised that this, simple simple blog, is touching so many lives. Thanks to all those who enjoy it.

My Mind's Eye

I learnt some thing very beautiful today. I don’t know if any of us would have taken the trouble to analyse the difference between deciding and choosing. We always use these words as if they are synonyms. But if we realise the difference we can live a better life. Lets go word by word..

Decide: When we have two options we discard one over the other. But you know what,  we actually kill the other option. It feel proud to say ‘ I took a decision’. When we decide we base our decision on certain considerations. Our decisions are related to a favorable situation or condition. So when the situation changes the same decisions become wrong.

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