One of my most favorite quotes from Alice in Wonderland is “run faster and faster to be in the same place”. This is a very beautiful truth about life, and more applicable in today’s world. If one has to run to be in the same place, so what is to be done if one has to move on in life?

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After my  earlier post on empowerment. I had decided to put down a few habits of mine which makes me feel powerful.  Again let me clarify, by power I do not mean I feel the whole world is under my thumb.  It is that “I” basically fell all charged up and enthusiastic enough.  I am basically relating it to the way I feel within; “powerful”.  And I had to use the word habit as I feel I diligently follow this patter.  Is it always this way, may not be, only that when I deviate I know I am deviating and I can get back on track.

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  1. Just as it is said that the wise work smart and not just hard, one perhaps needs to run smart and not just fast. Credence lies in one of the three golden rules of ‘systems thinking, which is the law of equifinality; that says that there are multiple paths to the same destination and if your route is blocked you’d need to find one of those alternatives and not just fret and fume while waiting for the block to be cleared

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