Can you take the pain from others?

“I cant take the pain from him..i see him suffer every day.  Had i known he is a special child and he is going to suffer i would have aborted him”  Imagine what a pain the mother must be going through when she says this.

There was this program on Vijay TV.. Neeya Nana.. which i watch when topics are interesting.  Today was one very sensitive topic..Abortions. A cousin of mine was on the show.  She is the mother of this special child.  Her life has revolved around him.  Her entire family is revolving around his life.   In spite of living a life for that child and doing every thing to keep him well, today on the show in front on the world she said “had i known he had a special child.. i would have aborted”.    Hats of to her courage.

There was one group who argued that no matter what..the child has right to live.  Even if you know there is deformity or abnormal still the mother should bear the child.   But as she asked can you take the pain away?  Can you reduce the other person’s suffering?  Who are you to take a call that the other human being should suffer?

What will people say and the world think? to hell..



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