It is always the ‘toy’. Even after growing up and getting to know the ‘toy’ is not the reason. Even after understanding the reason was careless walking. Still we continue to blame the ‘toy’.

My Mind's Eye

Day in day out I see people play the blame game. Not that I didn’t play it. I was a player long back, but I don’t know when, one of those days I realised the truth. The game sucks. Now I am at the stand. I watch people play. But sometimes I am the umpire. I decide who plays best

It feels funny to see how each one of them play without even realising they are playing. The fact is that the blame game is played at all levels in any organization. I am not here to judge who plays the game better. I don’t want to comment on the rules of the blame game. I was just wondering why so many of us play it and how is it that we become skilled at it.

Like it or not we get our first lessons from our loved ones. The…

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