Dimostrazione: learning from experiences!

I was reading ‘think like Da Vinci’.  There is a section which talks about DIMOSTRAZIONE…Dimostrazione is about learning from our mistakes. It’s about being willing to be right in the moment of an experience, and to challenge long-standing beliefs and opinions in favour of what you’re actually experiencing. It is learning from experience.

Think of the greatest teachers you have ever had, what makes them great? They give you an experience of a lifetime, a learning of a life time.  It can be a experience good or bad.  The finest teacher gives you the source of wisdom.

It reminds me of a Tamil teacher in my 4th standard. (ya ages ago, yet some of the things he taught can last my entire life time).  One of it is what I am narrating below.

I was new to this school, joined midway and Tamil was a new subject.  There was a question the teacher asked the class.   I don’t remember what the question was, but was sure  of the answer.  There was half a dozen answers given by the class.  He made all those who answered stand.  He picked me and asked me what was the answer.  I said with confidence “Bhakim Chander Chatterjee” .  There was only 2 other who gave this answer.  The made all three of us stand and got the rest of the class sit. Now he asked if we were sure of the answer. First I was then when he asked couple of times more.  I was not sure.

He asked us to stand the entire period behind the class.   I hated what happened.  I wished I had said ‘i don’t know’ instead of the answer.  I hated the school, the teacher.  Just before the bell could go off.. He stopped the class.  Called all the three of us to the font of the class.  Asked again if the answer was right.  No one answered.   Then he looked at me..(I don’t remember the exact words but the essence of it is like this)

” your answer is right, the first time you answered I sensed the confidence in your voice, but when I asked again and again….you gave up.   I dint tell you to.  You gave up. And some day you will claim that I said the answer was wrong.   This is what you will keep doing in many areas of life.  Some one will ask you ‘really can you do it? Is it possible?’ and many will ask you the same.  And you will conclude that it is not possible, you can’t do it. ” he continued to explain how to remain confident till the end.  He also said “if I simply mention your answer is right and next time, be confident, may be you will be happy now but will not remember this.  But now  you may remember this forever”.

And how true he was.. I will remember it for a life time.


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