Happiness Recipe!!

“Happiness is a butterfly” is one my very own posts, which i like a lot and i think is also, one of the popular posts on my blog.   Today was reading some SCIENTIFICALLY proven tricks to happiness, (thanks reader’s digest for the great article) .    And these So sharing it here..

1. Sing and you are winning: Belting out a tune at the top of your voice leaves you grinning and positive.  (okey..worth trying, but how about the people around you 🙂 ) Like exercise singing releases endorphins – the natural happy drug. 

2.  Some of you are going to love this. May be bad for the heart but french fries give a morale boost.  Carbohydrates in potato help brain control levels of serotonin levels, a chemical that enhances mood.  Fish also has a similar quality to regulate our emotions due to the high level of polyunsaturated fatty acids present.

3. 6-8 glasses of water can make us less irritable, though unclear why, it may be because the neurons in the brain detect minor dehydration and alert the mood regulating areas .

4. smile, even at people in the street. (that too at times when people dont even return smiles 😦 , imagine smiling at strangers), the other person might think you are a tad unhinged, but smiling signals others you are happy and also convinces yourself that you are feeling good.   (when I am asked “how are you” my answer is always GREAT!! (of course with a smile), no matter what!) Psychologically proven.

5. Have a heavy discussion. It is hard to believe that talking about global warming or recessions or passing  jokes can be a bundle of laughs.  But people who actually get stuck into weighty debates are jollier than those who indulge in small talks.   Psychologists believe that as humans we need to connect with each other in meaning full ways and only such heavy debates gives meaning to our lives.  (WOW!! never thought of it!)

6. Take small hikes. Five minutes of  presence / walk / run in greenery, near water, sand note not in a Gym) is more more beneficial to mind.  We have some genetic predisposition to prefer such natural settings as they signal presence of food and water.  So lunch over computer.  park one KM away and take small hikes.

7. Get lost in a book, (I totally agree..) Now this is news.. reading reduces more stress levels than listening to music.  Reading the right book at the right time takes you to a new experience level.

8. Small acts of kindness is a simple recipe to happiness.  This gives a feeling of doing something that mattered, may not be so much to other but to you. (reminds me of DO good no matter what)

9. Stand up straight: strange but true standing up straight gives positive thoughts may be because is it not slouching. ( I wish standing becomes a code for meetings.  i am sure this will produce more productive meetings)

10. Anticipation is a source of free happiness.  delayed consumption, looking forward gives humans a pleasure of owning and experiencing.  so set anticipations for yourself which can give happiness and look forward.

Conclusively, happiness is not in those once in a lifetime events, it is all in those small little things.


5 thoughts on “Happiness Recipe!!

  1. Look into the mirror every morning, peer into your own eyes, grin from ear to ear and raise your eyebrows. Hold that expression for a minute and that would set a pleasant demeanor for the rest of the day.

    The wide grin stretches the zygogmaticus-major muscles and the raised eyebrows stretches the orbicularis-oculi muscles and blood flow through the calming zones of the brain as confirmed by PET and CAT scans.


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  3. Reblogged this on My Mind's Eye and commented:

    Today is waiting time….ya it has its drawbacks, but the fact is anticipation is a source of free happiness. delayed consumption, looking forward gives humans a pleasure of owning and experiencing. so set anticipations for yourself which can give happiness and look forward.

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