from me to ME? how?

I got a lengthy mail asking three basic questions.  1. why i dont write on social or political issues  2. why i dont respond to mails and questions asked  3. if I simply write for the sake of writing or do I ever follow what I say?   Got me thinking…. a chance reiterate and confirm my own thoughts and beliefs.

i am not a tea time gossiper, i don’t believe in talking or writing unless my mind has views on it.   Ya it is overwhelming to get mails from readers of my blog with questions.. But again my intent is not to preach.   My blog just speaks my mind.  Nothing more nothing less.  Though many a times some questions are thought provoking and i do subject it on the blog.

The third question actually got me thinking, not on the point if i follow but on “from when do i follow” and “If i follow them ALWAYS”.    Was i this from the day i remember myself?  When did i learn those qualities which rule my life.  Where did i learn them.   Interesting..i think i should do a separate post on this…when did the small little me become ME? how?



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