Brain condition, to be or not to be happy?

So looks like happiness will beat choice 🙂 the happiness related posts are now “the most viewed” on my blog beating the “decide VS choose“.  It’s quite natural, every one wants to be happy at the end of the day.

Have you ever wondered – How is it possible that some people no matter what.…are happy and cheerful.  Do these people have some magic tree: a tree with red leaves yielding green happiness fruits?    Do they pick and eat one fruit a day to drive sadness & misery away?   OR are these just ordinary people who put to use the happiness rule.   I was reading a survey result which says India as a country stands 125th (Seriously?!) in happiness quotient.  Is it because of  standard of living, lack of education, or all the list if reasons we can think of?  The answer is NO.  Studies have shown that a situation or condition a human being is in, contributes to only 7% to happiness.

Here is the happiness formula.  Happiness has three components:

1. Brain condition / situation,  brain condition contributes 43%  to the Happiness factor.  Basically how you are as a person, how you are within. The permanent you.

2. Conditions or situation you are in.  7% of your situation contributes to your happiness. The temporary situations around.

3. Action / reaction: how you behave in a given situation.  The temporary you.  49% of how you react contributes to your happiness.   

A person who has a very happy, cheerful, positive, (add all terms..which can depict happiness) brain condition will mostly react in a happy, cheerful, positive (again add all terms..which can depict happiness) way in any given condition.  So they are happy no matter what.  In situation where they react bad and are unhappy, these people tend to bounce back very quickly to their natural condition of happiness.

Brain condition wired with happiness results in happiness in very condition.

Brain condition  -> condition -> action = Happiness

Happy people
Brain condition wired with happiness can have only temporary unhappiness.
Happy brain conditon
Brain condition wired with Unhappiness can have only temporary happiness in a every favorable condition.
unhappy brain condition
Unhappy brain condition
So to be or not to be happy is basically in your brain condition..

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