No-nonsense me?

Some one made a mention on similar lines…goes without saying that i am the same ME and it still works 🙂

My Mind's Eye

Though it is registered, I don’t know when, I have been called a no-nonsense person by many. But I think it is of late I have started taking note of it when people say it to me. To top it all I have started claiming I am a no-nonsense person. Yesterday it came up again.

Me and my friend were debating a topic yesterday and at the end of it he said ” this is the best part of you, the no-nonsense, YOU”. The result this post.

My friends used to call me Princess Leia (A character in Star Wars movies who was tough, no-nonsense yet delicate and romantic). I don’t know why, it just occurred that I should check if there is any negativity attached to this ‘no-nonsense’ word. Dictionary meanings say :no-nonsense person is one who : does not tolerate irrelevancies; is direct, is efficient and practical: also…

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