Purnima Varadrajan

I am a regular blogger, my company (iPOTT) blogs are plenty in number. I have lot of technical, serious, writings on those.. So this is my very own, personal, light weighted writing.   No it’s not going to be my parable. It’s going to be an outlet for plain truth through my mind, as my mind sees it. The world, the people, the profession, the ME: all thorough my mind’s eye. False history gets made all day but the truth is never on the news. I pledge to speak my mind.

But this space is to see me also through My Mind’s eye.  I am not sure if I am one of those good writers, but I feel good about it.

Lets see if my Mind’s eye has some eye’s and hearts opening…

Want my professional profile click here.


One thought on “Purnima Varadrajan

  1. Hello My Friend,

    Just came across your blog again, it has been a while since I stopped by. I love what you are doing here. When I have time to sit and read I will be back.

    You are creating great stuff here!

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