iPOTT – My Dream Project

iPOTT is a web based information centre for all softwares developed across the world available to the Indian market.

The user friendly website enables ‘easy & quick’ information access. Big softwares to small solutions are listed. The categorization and grouping will make easy the ‘Search’ and a buyer’s life….


Etymology states that the word Pot originated from the word ‘Pottus’ or ‘Pott’. Its origins are said to be Romanic or ancient English and French. The word Pottus was used to identify any ‘item’ or ‘thing’ in large quantity available in one place. Down the line the word ‘pott’ was used to identify the ‘vessel’ or ‘container’ and the more condensed from today is ‘pot’.

We correlate our identity with the ancient ‘pott’ depicting a large amount of ‘information’ made available in one ‘place’ – our ‘online portal’! iPOTT was launched with an objective to make ‘SOFTWARE AVAILABILITY & INFORMATION ACCESSIBILITY’ a veracity.

Check out www.ipott.com for details.


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