My Company

I chair iPOTT Group of Companies.

1. iPOTT,com: A Software Search Company listing software developed across the world for the Indian Market. Over 5000 software in 106 categories.

2.iPOTT SEI : Evaluation, Selection, Implementation, Support and Training.

3.iPOTT IKV: Creative & intellectual knowledge Management

Purnima VaradrajanIndian Software Product Market is going to get extremely bullish… iPOTT supports vendors to time test and prepare their products for this new emerging market. iPOTT also supports time tested products find new markets.

We associate closely with companies to support in launch phase, exposure phase or expansion phase of a software product. iPOTT has various popular mechanisms aimed at exposing software like ‘software on wheels’, ‘ad-apt’, ‘SoftSEM’, snail mail, etc.

We are now in the process of launching ‘TrustIT’: a Business and Product validation and authentication process, in collaboration with TUV Rheinland. Trust IT will be a differentiator, a trust enabler and a value add to the companies.

We will soon launch a number of complementary services which will cater to the needs of the software market.

We are surging ahead with a BHAG to be the largest unbiased source of software & software information.


2 thoughts on “My Company

  1. Good yaar,nice to be part of your family.May God be with you in every step you take towards more victories!

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